5 simple steps to thriving through the remaining winter

KIM SANDGREN, Holistic Kinesiology, Eat Right For Your Type

KIM SANDGREN, Holistic Kinesiology, Eat Right For Your Type

1. Consume warming food

Warm, slow cooked meals and soups with highly beneficial blood type ingredients are the best at this time of year. Use root vegetables as the basis for your cooking.

It is important to avoid cold and raw foods as they create an imbalance in the spleen energy and reduce immune function.

2. Enjoy yin based exercise and lots of rest

This time of year is traditionally for hibernation, so warming, still based exercise programs are just what you need. I use Yin Yoga as my exercise as it is a great combination of stretching, strengthening and meditative exercise, that not only works the body, but clears the mind. Rest and rejuvenation are the key at this time of year.

Yin Yoga is on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Inspired Health. Call Debbie on 0428 294 520 to join.

3. Keep your neck and waist covered and warm

Traditional Chinese Medicine principles state the skin on the sides and back of the neck are seen as an extension of the lungs, which means that anything entering the skin could easily pass through and infect the lungs. These acupuncture points are called “Wind Points.” The name reflects the Chinese concept that wind in direct contact with the shoulders, neck and head can affect the body’s ability to defend against disease. So, covering your head and neck in the cold when you go out, especially on windy days, is a method of protecting yourself from environmental influences.

Chinese medicine theory also states clearly that keeping the kidneys and internal organs warm is key for good health. Between our lower back and lower abdominal is an area were our vital energy resides. Keeping this part of our body especially warm helps improved circulation and greater distribution of warm energy all-round.

4. Water

Even though it is cold, it is imperative that you drink plenty of room temperature water. Water is the best way to support the spleen, which is the vital organ in charge of the immune system.

5. Use easily digested supplementation

I take Juice Plus daily to support my immune system. It is a wholefood nutrition product made up of 17 serves of fruit and vegetables, and because Juice Plus is food, our bodies can recognise and utilise it instantly. When I feel myself starting to get sick, I simply double the dose of JP for a few days to really boost my immune system.


I heard a mother explaining that her children only ever have 1 day off, compared with their friends who need a week off when getting the same bug. When I asked what her secret was, she said Juice Plus chews for the kids each day!

To order you can follow this link:

Click here to find out more about Juice Plus

5. Support the immune system with Aromatherapy

Thieves is an aromatherapy blend designed to kill viruses and bacteria. I use the Thieves oil to diffuse, to clean, and to sanitise. I use the Thieves mouthwash as a sore throat gargle at the first sign of soreness, and I know it is great for use on cold sores too.thieves

If you would like to know more, or order any of these products, email me on kim@inspiredhealthandprosperity.com.au


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