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Natural ways to nourish the nervous system 

The key to reducing stress is found in nourishing your nervous system. Your nervous system sets up the messages that trigger release of stress hormones and the cascade of fight flight responses. Here are a few simple techniques to help … Continue reading

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Lemon Tea Cake

Recipe from Jude Blereau’s book, Coming home to eat, Wholefood for the Family Jude is a natural food expert who has been involved with the organic and wholefood industries for almost 20 years, teaching and food coaching. This is one … Continue reading

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Herbal medicine’s role in stress adaptation

Do you worry that being under constant stress may be affecting your long-term health? Do you ever feel excessively tired and fatigued, get an upset stomach, feel unusually irritable, have trouble getting to sleep or wake during the night, or … Continue reading

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Courageous Conversations

We are what we think and say…  Everything we do is based on relationships. Relationships make the world go ‘round. We buy out of relationships, wars are fought over broken relationships, we have children because of relationships—every single thing that … Continue reading

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