Adrian’s story…

Were you at all sceptical or unsure about trying kinesiology and why?

I was very sceptical about kinesiology, as I really didn’t know what expect because I simply didn’t know what it was all about. When I did some research on the Internet I came across varying views for and against applied kinesiology. I also grew up in an environment where if you had a problem, only you could fix the problem and that seeking help was a sign of weakness.  Because of what I read on the internet, I also thought that I would have to completely change my lifestyle and adopt a more earthly approach, which would have been unrealistic for me.

What made you decide to book your first session?

My wife and I caught up with our close friends and couldn’t help but notice how well my friend’s girlfriend looked. She’s an attractive girl but on this day, she had this glow and quiet confidence about her – at the time we thought she was pregnant but she wasn’t of course. As women do, my wife asked her if she’d been working out or if she was on some new craze diet, only to find out she had been seeing Kim.  She told us how great Kim was and how she had helped her rediscover her life.  It was then that I decided that I would go and see Kim. I was a very anxious person before I met Kim, I was always on the go, I could never be in the present, I was always thinking about what I should be doing next and beating myself up about what I hadn’t done and as a result found it very difficult to relax and be focused on the present. When I heard about what Kim had done for our friend, I decided I would give Kinesiology a try.

What specific benefits have you received from your treatments?

I’m more in tune with my inner being, my purpose and destiny in life, which has made me feel less anxious, less stressed and more focused on the present. Whilst I still do feel anxious and stressed at times, Kim’s given me the tools to bring me back to the present and my inner being. I feel more energetic and ready to take on what life throws at me and most importantly I love my family and being in the present every time I’m around them.

Who would you recommend my services to and why?

Anyone who’s feeling anxious, stressed or trying to get that work life balance and anyone burning the candle at both ends. Kim is the ‘how to person’, she’ll not only tell you, but she’ll show you the tools to regain control and allow you to enjoy being in control.

Maria’s story…

I started seeing Kim about a year ago, after losing my job and gaining a lot of weight very rapidly. I was a mess when we first started. I was on an emotional rollercoaster. Some days I was up and happy, other days I just didn’t want to get out of bed. I had no energy, and would cry at the drop of a hat. I was also going to the gym every day trying to shift some of the weight that I gained literally overnight.

I started seeing Kim fortnightly and almost instantly I felt better. We worked through some of the emotional issues I have been carrying around for years. We also worked on my diet, stress management and general wellbeing.  As I got better I started seeing Kim less frequently. I now have much more energy and have my emotions in check. I am starting to feel like my old self again.

Were you at all skeptical or unsure about trying kinesiology and why?

Despite having utilised other forms of alternative medicine I was still a little bit sceptical about kinesiology. I didn’t quite understand how my body could tell me more than what I can remember, and to be honest I still don’t. But it just does.

What made you decide to book your first session?

I was talking with my personal trainer one day when I just burst into tears. I felt like I had tried everything to get a handle of my emotions, reduce my stress and loose weight. It was my PT that suggested I visit Kim. After some basic research I was more confused than ever about kinesiology, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. And it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

What specific benefits have you received from your treatments?

From the very first session I felt more in control. I am healthier both physically and mentally. I am losing weight, but more importantly I have more energy and I feel better.

I have overcome a number of emotional barriers triggered by traumatic events. I seem to have my emotions in check now, and I don’t have emotional breakdowns in public any more.

 Who would you recommend my services to and why?

  • Anyone who feels like there is something wrong but just can’t seem to work out what specifically is wrong.
  • People that want a balanced or holistic approach to medicine.
  • Anyone trying manage a stressful lifestyle.

Kim is someone you can trust. She will take the time to get to know you and find out what the seed of the problem really is. It is not about finding a quick fix, it’s about solving the underlying problems.

More testimonials…

Kim is naturally a very approachable person and I immediately felt at ease and comfortable during my treatment. I found Kim to be a thorough and accurate practitioner in her approach and assessment.

I came out of our session having gained huge insight into my ailment and feeling above all, grounded and calm. I absolutely feel I have benefited from having treatments with Kim. I highly recommend her as a practitioner.’ (Louisa – Photographer)

`All my life I have been slim and extremely energetic. At 64 I was becoming very concerned because the previous year no matter how diligent I was with my diet and exercise I was gaining weight around the midriff, breasts and upper hips…. not heaps but enough to be uncomfortable and a worry as to why.

Kim conducted muscle testing which confirmed that my adrenal glands were exhausted due to decades of living an extremely stressful life. This surprised me as I valued my capacity to handle stress. As she explained it had become like an addiction…I kept creating stress as it released the adrenalin that gave me the ‘buzz’. So my adrenal ‘bank’ had finally nothing left!

Good news! The exercises, a couple of dietary supplements and stress relieving techniques Kim gave me have made a fast and positive impact on my body. As well, I have made changes to my worklife that surprised me…..less stress, more fun and more control over my future wellbeing.’ (Kate – Company Director)

`As a sufferer of IBS and coming from a family with various illnesses relating back to adrenal stress, such as chronic fatigue and lupus, I decided to pursue a deeper understanding about my health. This led me to do a Holistic Health workshop with Kim about ‘the physiological and psychological impact of stress and natural ways to overcome it’. Over the years I have learnt to become quite in tune with the messages of my body, but Kim managed to help me identify many symptoms that I was not aware of. The amazing thing about completing a workshop with Kim is how proactive you can become, and how content and empowered you feel with the information you take away with you. She did this not just through education, but she has taught me helpful balancing strategies through diet, natural remedies, stress release techniques and relaxation ideas. I thoroughly recommend Kim services to anyone, not just for her outstanding amount of knowledge and empathic qualities, but for the nurturing environment she creates.’(Lisa – Education)

`Kim has an amazing talent in really being able to listen to your problems or needs. She helped me get through a difficult time in my life by finding underlying issues, working through them and giving me the confidence in myself that I deserved. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone. Even if you haven’t got any pressing issues, balances are a great way to make you feel fantastic.’ (Nicki – Personal Trainer)

`I had faith in Kim knowing her intelligence as a student studying with me at University of Canberra, and proving that she had healed people in Africa through Kinesiology. I was certainly right in having faith in her, when I went for a consult for various stomach problems. She was professional, caring and understanding. I felt very comfortable with her, and anyone who doesn’t know her would also. I am so grateful that my problems are now resolved, and now I know that I can turn to Kinesiology and Kim, if I am in need with another health problem.’ (Julie – Medical Rep)

`Kim has helped me to change the way I see myself and my life by allowing me to see that all my dreams and goals are possible. Her down to earth, unconditional and compassionate manner gently guided me to move forward on all levels of the mind, body and spirit. It’s rare to find a practitioner that you feel completely supported and comfortable with as I feel in my sessions with Kim. I always leave my sessions feeling inspired, encouraged and that all is right in my world. Thanks Kim!’
(Rebecca – Medium/Meditation teacher @ Perfect Unison)

`Kinesiology opened a drawbridge to a world where the concept of possibility met actuality; where the unbelievable turned to profound belief and where healing came from the self. Kim’s sessions always mirrored just that. An eccentric scent, a warm and positive atmosphere and energy always welcomed me to her clinic after the few hours I eagerly drove to and from sessions. Kim’s calming, nurturing and almost magical nature opened up the door to possibility and results. All that was now needed was my determination to move forward, to accept and to shed old patterns of behaviour; because after all, aren’t we all responsible for our own baggage? I dare to dream, I dare to believe.’ (Cecelia – Kinesiology student)

“My life has totally changed. I finally got my dream job working full time as an events executive, been there now for 6 months, a lot of pressure but I love what I do and the job has enabled me to move out from my parents house, actually I’m moving out this Saturday……so excited!!! (Jen – Events Executive)