Blood Type Diet

Logo - Eat RightAre you happy with a one size fit’s all approach to diet, lifestyle, exercise and supplementation? Would you prefer to be recognised for the biochemical individual that you are?

At Inspired Health & Prosperity we understand that no one person is the same. Just as everyone’s fingerprints are different, so is your biochemical make-up. We will not only take into account your blood type, but also look at other genetic markers to determine the most efficient and effective anti-inflammatory support processes for your body. Our aim is to expose you to a new way of eating and living that has already transformed the health of millions across the globe, and support you in achieving your own unique and complete transformation.

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Blood Typing is available on-site through a simple finger prick test. The results are instant and allow us to get you started on your new journey straight away.BTKit_Y

Secretor Testing is available on-site, but the sample needs to be sent to the D’Adamo Labs in the USA for testing. This process takes around three weeks and will allow us to personalise your diet further and ensure that you are getting the right blood type diet for you!

secretor status test

I highly recommend completing your Secretor Status as the general blood type diet only fits about 80% of the population. If you are a NON-Secretor, then the diet assigned to your blood type will differ greatly from the regular blood type diet for your type. This is a one time only test and will help us to determine the BEST diet options for YOU.

Genotyping is also available on-site. We use these tests to create your very own SWAMI – a personalised diet taking into account, not only your blood type and secretor status, but also a multitude of other markers that influence your ability to tolerate different food groups.Genotype


D’Adamo Personalised Nutrition Supplement Range is available on-site, or to purchase over the phone. Why take general supplements, when you can take supplements that have been specifically formulated to support your system, and have been designed to increase bioavailability and action in your system. Basic Pack O