What do I cook for my blood type?

When you have as many eating restrictions as I do as an O Non-Secretor, you can sometimes get a bit bored and lost for inspiration about what to cook!

I have had to learn to become the master of substitution! And I suggest that you give it a try too…

Take for example Jamie Oliver and his 15 minute meals (that take me at least 45 minutes)
Case in point: Jamie Oliver’s – Crackin ‘Crab Bricks and Couscous Salad. A 15 minute meal (that take me at least 45 minutes – lol)

Crackin Tuna Bricks

Crackin Tuna Bricks

Well for starters I can’t have crab or couscous, so you think it would be a recipe I should just throw out the window. But how does this sound??? Tantalising Tuna Triangles with Quinoa Salad!

By simply substituting in two highly beneficial foods for avoids, I suddenly have a medicinal base for my meal.

But how did I get round the filo pastry, as I am not supposed to have wheat? Well as a small cheat, I use either rye or rice mountain bread. While there is a small amount of wheat, I am able to keep it to a minimum and my body thanks me for it! And no yogurt either – just the salsa! You can even use fresh lemon rather than preserved, sweet chili instead of harissa and leave the caraway seeds out altogether.

Medicinal eating takes time and effort yes, but there is inspiration all around you! You just have to learn to substitute!


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