Jacquie McColl

IMG_0540As a Western Herbal Medicine practitioner I can prescribe the best combination of herbal medicine to treat you and your specific needs.   We are all different and what works for one person may not work for you because the cause may be different, your constitution is different and you respond differently to medicines.

Herbal Medicine is a fabulous adjunct to any medical treatment – it is the ultimate complimentary medicine.  It works to support any treatment you may be undergoing.

As a qualified herbal medicine practitioner my training is specific in understanding the mechanisms of the herbal extracts and how they interact with pharmaceutical medicines.

We use liquid extracts of plants whose traditional use originates from European, American, Chinese tradition medicine, Ayurvedic tradition, Australian and New Zealand.    We generally get the best results with the liquid herbal extracts as the most active component of the plant is strongest is this form.  Tablets are also used, depending on if that suits that type of plant extract.  I use ‘practitioner only’ products, which guarantees the use of the right plant and of a very high quality extract.

Herbal medicines can assist with almost any condition.  I love to use them to help the body adapt to stress, improve immunity and speed recovery from infections and illness. To treat gut and digestive problems, menopause changes, metabolic problems like insulin resistance, allergies like hayfever and sinusitis.  They are fabulous to support liver function and detoxification and help your body cope with the onslaught of toxins we deal with everyday.

Herbal Medicine is a truly preventative medicine as it treats the cause of the disease not just symptoms to achieve optimal health.

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